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2020 Vancouver International Dance Festival

The Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF) presents extraordinary contemporary dance performances this March 2020.

Performed at various venues throughout Vancouver, and featuring an incredibly diverse offering of free and paid events. The VIDF presents a broad spectrum of dance presentation ranging from the slow introspection of butoh to the dynamic precision of ballet.

The Vancouver International Dance Festival announces its sweeping 2020 festival season: a diverse and dynamic roster of internationally celebrated artists and local favourites, presenting three weeks of endlessly enriching performances, workshops, and a host of dance activities at various venues throughout Vancouver.

Each year, the Vancouver International Dance Festival offers a series of FREE performances at the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall and the Woodward’s Atrium. Entrance to the 7pm performances at the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall requires a VIDF Society supporter card and/or VIDF button which you can receive with either purchase of a ticket to a VIDF show or for a one time fee of $5.

VIDF Society supporter cards can be obtained at all VIDF performances. The 2pm and 3pm performances on Sunday’s at the Woodward’s Atrium have no entrance requirements and are free to the public at large.


The mission of the Vancouver International Dance Festival Society is to support the art of marginalized/underrepresented contemporary dance through:

- public appreciation for equity-seeking contemporary dance artists through:

- The presentation of high-quality dance performances and workshops by outstanding equity-seeking contemporary dance artists that are:

- Focused on the body as the instrument of communication - Interested in kinetically exciting work - Interested in advancing the art of contemporary dance through innovation, experimentation, rigor, and physical discipline

- Increasing audiences for equity-seeking contemporary dance artists to:

- Provide a sustaining body of patrons of dance who will underwrite dance presentations through buying tickets

- Provide a critical response to the artists they are supporting through their attendance of dance presentations and workshops

- Increasing public profile of equity-seeking contemporary dance practice through:

- Effective marketing in print, television, radio, and through the Internet

- Networking with other dance and arts presenters to provide more performance opportunities for equity-seeking contemporary dance artists

- Commissioning of new equity-seeking contemporary dance works

This year includes works from Ferenc Fehér from Hungry, inDANCE from Toronto, ICHIGO-ICHIEH from Nelson, and local favourites like Shay Kuebler/Radical System Art, Olivia Shaffer, Kokoro.

When: Friday March 6 - Saturday March 28, 2020 Where: Various Locations, Vancouver

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